инсталляция, фотофильм, 2016

The installation NEET appeared from a series of photography which was made in Tver where Japanese lived. This circumstance is surreal therefore I used shooting sheet to non-existent Film-noir about the Japanese who steal bread. 

 In an art work NEET I used circle principle. Intro space is similar to protofilm by Muybridge or personal room where a viewer reconstructed motion-narrative, chooses the beginning and the end, thinks out a plot. There channels video around the main object makes it move. 

 The personal room isolates a viewer from an external space and plunge him into a condition of isolation which correlates with cultural-historical characteristics of Japan. The concept as sakoku (political isolation from outside world) and hikikomori (self-isolation from society) are typical for Japan.

 The concept NEET means a generation of young people under 34 years old who under the circumstances don`t work and don`t study. This is a situation of zero social status the result of which becomes strangeness and self – isolation. In my project Japanese is a key to understanding this state.

Exhibition NEET (photo)

neet 1.jpg